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What is Data Science? Data Science is an emerging field in applied science and technology, working with complex maths, statistics and programming tools and used to develop comprehensive data strategies by empowering companies to turn data into insights and turn insights into actionable business objectives.

Our Data Science team designs advanced reporting models, builds predictive analytics solutions, delivers root-cause analysis. Our key objective is to provide actionable insights from raw data by analyzing your company’s historical data, or empower predictions about what might happen in the future by using predictive analytics.

Our Data Science team works with R, Python, Pandas, NumpPy, Jupyter, SciPy, Scikit-learn, StatsModel, and is constantly assimilating new and emerging technologies.

data science team image
data science team image

We deliver

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) - we go through an iterative process to turn your data into business value. We design exploratory Data Analysis Solutions by analyzing your data and producing reporting insights such as data visualization, statistics summary or outlier analysis.
  • Predictive Analytics - our Predictive Analytics Solutions help you move beyond what happened and gain insights into what might happen in the future to solve difficult challenges, leverage new opportunities, improve operations and cost savings, reduce risk, optimize marketing and sales operations or introduce fraud detection processes.
  • Time Series Analysis Forecasting - our Time Series Analysis Forecasting Solutions analyse time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and to build predictive values based on previously observed values in financial segments such as stocks or crypto tradings, customer buying behavior, fraud detection or sensor data
  • Data Mining Solutions - using statistical analysis and mathematical algorithms, we design Data Mining Solutions that analyse countless data sources and uncover patterns and correlations for fraud detection processes, market basket analysis, sales & stock prediction, manufacturing pattern detection and many more.
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We consult with you, discuss all outcomes for your projects. We propose enhancements to your existing data infrastructure. We build production-ready data-intensive solutions

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