Why Us

Why Us

Helping you build and supercharge your data practice

Regardless if you’re a digital-driven startup or an established leader in your industry, you have specific business metrics and a clear technical roadmap on how to achieve them. Leveraging your company’s data fast and efficiently will help you stay on top of your market and achieve some of your desired outcomes. Companies are using data to solve critical pain points such as to: automate their operations and improve company performance,understand and simplify their supply chain, get more control over their data and create a sustainable business model, extract real-time insights into their customers and make fast decisions, increase existing sales and create new revenue streams or innovate their products and build new ones.

We match your business needs if you are a Digital Leader and you represent a technology-driven company with engineering expertise, but little to no data knowledge. You want to make sense of the data you already have to maximize your success rate, you might need to assess sector-related business metrics, improve specific business KPIs and you have been struggling to hire data scientists internally or train your existing teams. Most of our clients and collaborators deal with these challenges and find these options expensive, time consuming and risky. Companies looking to build their data teams inhouse have to deal with long hiring procedures, multiple costs from advertising roles, in house recruiting work and third-party fees, relocation costs, training and certification costs, business advisory costs. Even so, a new practice always takes a long time to assess and implement. And training your existing technical teams data engineering or data science is tricky. Not everyone will want to learn it, have the skills to apply it or want to change projects and some might be overwhelmed by reaching their existing targets and working on new ones, leading to critical underperformance.

Too little, too late: One of the biggest pain-points in starting a data science practice is that companies have tight deadlines and too little time to get new teams to the point where they are improving business KPIs. This is the number 1 reason they turn towards a data partner. Choosing the right partner for your business is challenging and you have to do it for the right reasons.

10 things we do best

  • We make data solutions simple

    We know data solutions are sometimes very complex, that’s why building a data team team is hard to start with. We explain data science in a business context that relates to you and your teams. We introduce complexity only when required (Why use a Neural Network if a linear regression is enough?)

  • We address your business metrics

    Business metrics are as critical as technology metrics, or more. We know how important it is for you to justify the need for automation when asking for data budgets

  • We are not afraid to say NO!

    We assess your projects and we are straightforward with you if the data roadmap is not sustainable. Once we start the process, we document both our joint failures and successes, so that we know what works, what doesn’t and how to set up efficient workflows

  • We’re both your problem-solvers and your innovation consultants

    Innovation is one of our core values. We dedicate brainstorming sessions for your projects and we combine technical and industry research so that when you have a problem, we can come up with the appropriate solution

  • We invest in our partnership

    Our main partnership objective is your company’s success. We constantly invest in training our dedicated teams, making sure they acquire skills and open-source software that could help your project

  • We conceptualize and bring your ideas to life

    We are creative, agile and we leave no stone unturned in order to conceptualize your ideas and deliver the best possible version of your product

  • We share knowledge and work towards your success

    We share our best practices, technical knowledge and get invested in your product development to make sure you achieve the best business results and exceed desirable KPIs

  • We gain industry knowledge fast

    We might not have experience in your industry yet, but our business know-how and discovery process provide support in learning what it takes to deliver relevant solutions for your specific needs

  • We propose a streamlined communication model

    We want you to consider us as an extension of your company, so we encourage hands-on collaboration between our clients and our teams. We constantly make sure that there is no communication bottleneck between our joint teams

  • We provide transparency and trusted advice

    From the initial discovery-phase conversation to the onboarding process and project delivery, we provide complete transparency into our partnership models, processes, teams and tools. We create a common roadmap, document every step of the way and keep open communication lines at all times

Why now?

The European Commission projects: 530% increase in global data volume from 2018 to 2023, €301 bil to €829 bil increase in data economy value for EU27, rise of the data profession market from 3.7 professionals in 2018 to 10.9 in 2023

How can we help?

As Strategic Data Advisors, we work with you to build a successful Data Practice from the ground up:

  • We back up your strategy with a data game plan

    We work together with you to integrate a data strategy into your business roadmap. We provide the right insights for you to define your strategy and we ask the good questions like: Why do you have to change? What will it accomplish? Do you need to build a data practice in order to innovate, to augment business efficiency or to achieve both results? We help you define your data vision and the business value it will bring to your board (maximized efficiency & profit) and customers (maximized experience)

  • We design a customized technical assessment

    We create a specific Research & Development process: We work together to set up a technical roadmap, make recommendations, document every process

  • We implement the project

    We embed dedicated people directly into your teams or we take full ownership of the project. Together we develop a project roadmap and deliverables and document all steps of the process. We follow agile methodologies and Scrum practices: for project implementation, we set up sprint outcomes and product backlog items, arrange daily stand-up sessions and regular sprint reviews to collect general feedback from stakeholders, consult with them and share progress. We also spend good quality time to review deadlines, budgets, identify risks and analyze market data for new product releases

  • We set up trainings, hiring procedures and milestones for your future inhouse team

    We provide workshops for your existing software teams and we assist you in building your inhouse data teams: team size, skills and technical interview consultants and short-term Project Managers until successful team kick-off

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

We consult with you, discuss all outcomes for your projects. We propose enhancements to your existing data infrastructure. We build production-ready data-intensive solutions

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Fabrice Pakin


Ignilife is a digital preventive healthcare platform. We wished to accelerate our roadmap in order to deploy faster our B2B service infrastructure to market. To succeed, we chose to outsource part of our development. We decided to work with Qwertee for the quality of the team and their reactivity. After already four completed sprints, I can testify that we are fully satisfied with the quality level of the development and the deadline compliance. Qwertee became very quickly a reliable partner with whom we wish to continue the relationship.

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