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About Us

We Build Big Data Solutions Fitting Your Business

Qwertee is a Big Data Analytics company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our ambition is to provide High End Research & Development solutions matching your business needs. Our expertise ranges from Data Engineering to Data Science, Machine Learning and goes beyond designing model-based software to web application development and continuous deployment, allowing us to propose a complete cloud software solution for your big data intensive problem.

Vision and Values

  • Achieve Business Value

    We turn Data Projects into business value and support you in delivering new opportunities for your company

  • Share growth

    We consult with you, discuss all outcomes for your projects, propose enhancements to your existing data infrastructure and we build production ready data-intensive solutions

  • Promote Expertise

    We maintain and deliver high-end level of skills and expertise from top-tier Data Engineers and Data Scientists

Our team is made of seasoned engineers accustomed to corporate environments, but also to startup philosophy and have a core interest in science and technology. We provide:

  • Expert Consultancy

    We create individual solutions to optimize your business processes. Our experts will support you in starting your company’s Data journey with a tailored Data Strategy

  • Research & Development Services

    From Proof of Concept to a built-in deployment ready cloud solution, we design and implement your architecture and transform your data into information, to create business value for your board and customers

  • Workshops & Trainings

    We provide on-site, hands-on workshops and training courses in Machine Learning and Data Engineering for your teams

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From Start-ups to Enterprises, we support companies of all sizes overcome their challenges.

  • We work

    We work with Early Stage Start-ups lacking in-house data teams, helping them develop core data functionalities in order to scale up and move to the next seed round

  • We support

    We support Late Stage Start-ups & Small Medium Enterprises turn information into competitive advantage to stay on top of the market, get ready for an IPO, streamline operations and increase productivity

  • We deliver

    We deliver Digital Transformation to Enterprises & Large Corporations by designing Machine Learning Algorithms and Deep Learning Models to deploy innovation, evolve market ecosystems, improve customer interactions and achieve cost savings

Matching your needs to our services is just step 1:

  • Choosing the right partner for your business is demanding

  • You have one shot to do it right

  • You have to make sure it fits your goals

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

We consult with you, discuss all outcomes for your projects. We propose enhancements to your existing data infrastructure. We build production-ready data-intensive solutions

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What Our Clients Say

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Fabrice Pakin


Ignilife is a digital preventive healthcare platform. We wished to accelerate our roadmap in order to deploy faster our B2B service infrastructure to market. To succeed, we chose to outsource part of our development. We decided to work with Qwertee for the quality of the team and their reactivity. After already four completed sprints, I can testify that we are fully satisfied with the quality level of the development and the deadline compliance. Qwertee became very quickly a reliable partner with whom we wish to continue the relationship.

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Our Experts

Meet Our Leadership Preparing For Your Success

Sebastian Brestin

Data Engineering Expert

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Machine Learning Expert